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Somnuz™ Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress

Somnuz™ Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress

222 total reviews

"Greater quality than the price suggests. This is an excellent value for money mattress. It has the quality you would expect from a mattress twice the price. Quite firm and surprisingly padded - no hint of springs and very comfortable. Super quick and friendly delivery. Would highly recommend both the product and the firm." - Darren J

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Packaging Dimension

  • Single - 99cm x 28cm x 28cm
  • Super Single - 115cm x 28cm x 28cm
  • Queen - 158cm x 28cm x 28cm
  • King - 186cm x 32cm x 32cm

Mattress Dimension

  • Single - 91cm x 190cm x 25cm
  • Super Single - 107cm x 190cm x 25cm
  • Queen - 152cm x 190cm x 25cm
  • King - 183cm x 190cm x 25cm


5-year warranty.

It is designed to provide you with confidence and satisfaction in your mattress choice. It covers any significant sagging over 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) and addresses physical imperfections such as cracking or splitting upon arrival. Our warranty is a testament to our commitment to superior quality and durability in every mattress we offer.


If in stock:

  • West Malaysia: 1-3 working days.
  • East Malaysia (Kuching & Kota Kinabalu): 30-45 working days via sea shipment.

For delivery to East Malaysia locations outside of Kuching & Kota Kinabalu, please contact our customer service team for more info.

Firmness Rating

With a medium-firm rating of 6/10, Somnuz Comfy provides the perfect equilibrium between a soft, cushioned feel and the necessary support, ideal for a wide range of sleepers and all sleeping positions.

Somnuz Comfy is perfect for those looking for exceptional comfort at an amazing price. Just the right blend of comfort, features, and support.

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Sculpted for Sleep, Designed for Dreams.

Peak Comfort Construction

Delight in the soft, breathable, and lightweight feel of Somnuz Comfy Mattress. Meticulously crafted using strectchable knitted fabric and individually encased pocketed coils, Somnuz Comfy offers a breathable comfort that will surely take you to a good night's sleep.

Quality Knitted Fabric with

Advanced Breathability

Crafted with a premium stretchable knitted fabric, Somnuz Comfy promotes exceptional air flow, keeping you cool throughout the night and enhancing the overall sleep quality.

Align Your Sleep, Elevate Your Comfort

Ergonomic 5-Zone Support

Designed with precision, the mattress features a 5-zone support system that targets crucial body areas — the head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet — for spinal support and pressure relief that adapts to your body.

  • Back Pain Relief

    Back Support, Not Just a Promise.

    Specially designed to support spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points, this mattress offers targeted support to reduce back pain and improve posture. Its ergonomic design adapts to your body's contours, providing relief and comfort throughout the night. Ideal for anyone seeking a restorative sleep experience and relief from back discomfort.

  • Zero Disturbance Technology

    Your Sleep, Unshaken.

    Minimizes the transfer of movement from one side of the bed to the other. It's beneficial for couples, as it reduces disruptions caused by one person's movements, leading to a more restful sleep for both individuals.

  • Anti-Dust Mite, Bacterial, Fungal

    Gentle to the Touch, Kind to Your Health.

    Expertly engineered to repel dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. It ensures a cleaner, healthier sleeping environment, reducing the risk of allergies and enhancing your overall sleep quality. Perfect for those seeking a fresh, hygienic, and restful night's sleep.

From Singapore to Malaysia: Somnuz's Commitment to Transforming Your Sleep

Our journey in Singapore has been marked by overwhelming customer satisfaction, and now, we're thrilled to bring the Somnuz experience to Malaysia.

Join the growing number of happy sleepers who have chosen Somnuz. As we step into Malaysia, we invite you to be a part of our journey towards revolutionizing sleep, one mattress at a time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 222 reviews

.but your devlley is very slow



Hasu Ph

Somnuz™ Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress

Analek Aites
Back ache

As a caveat, every individual is built differently and would require different requirements in a mattress to have a sound sleep. Unfortunately, for us consumers, that means we would have to go through different mattresses, sleep on it for a few nights, to actual find one that suited our body.

My journey has ended with Somnuz™ mattress ... specifically the "Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress". Decided on this brand/model based on the many good reviews online and, more importantly, its affordability.

After the first night with this mattress, i wake up with a drastic drop in the lower back pain that has been bugging me with the previous mattress. The back pain has subsequently reduced after a few days to the point of being minimal ... the pain has not gone totally but it is now manageable and i am grateful for that.

The price point is also relatively affordable to the masses as opposed to the other brands that can go into the thousands of moolah; I obviously can't afford that. So, am grateful that Somnuz has provided an option for us mere mortals that help solve the problem that we face without breaking the bank.

That i give five stars on product quality and cost.

The only complain i have is the slow delivery ... the supply chain management needs to be improved. Placed an order on 01Jan2024 and got it delivered on 17Jan2024.

Somnuz™ Comfy 10 Inch Individual Pocketed Spring Mattress

Like the bouncy and its firmness.
It did support spinal.
But the fabric smell quite strong, it lasted about weeks.
Overall, its good mattress and recommended option